A Detailed B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison

B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison

One of the best ways to ensure that you’ve made the right decision whenever you are trying to buy or use something is to compare the best options you have. In this case, we are talking about a detailed B2B eCommerce platform comparison that can help existing or prospective B2B organizations. Fortunately, the market is full of good platforms that can help you increase your organization’s visibility on the Internet. Obviously, each of them has unique characteristics and that’s why we will compare the best solutions currently available on this trending market.


Intershop may not be the most used B2B platform, but it definitely deserves your attention. This platform serves as a platform that allows users to display products and brands around the globe. Intershop has many useful features including web content management, product info management, order management and more. You can use an enterprise, cloud and managed model of this platform. Basically, the models are based on their ability to manage a specific number of orders. It’s also worth mentioning that Intershop has flexible pricing plans.


Insite eCommerce or simply Insite is a B2B platform which has a highly effective catalog management program that helps user handle dynamic pricing patterns for every order processing situation. The basic idea behind this project is to create a powerful tool that can help B2B business owners handle the growth of their companies. Insite has an effective content management system and many other features that B2B users will find useful.


When it comes to Goecart, you can expect a modern B2B eCommerce solution which has great features related to CRM. You can also expect excellent sales tax support as well as a modern mobile API that you can use for integration. From sophisticated search options and inventory management to a wide range of payment options and order management, Goecart will help you with many aspects of your B2B business.

SAP Hybris

Finally, you can rely on SAP Hybris an international solution that has proven to be helpful to many distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers involved in the B2B sector. Even though this should not be your first choice if you are a small business owner, the truth is that SAP Hybris offers perfect order management features. With this option, you can expect a beautiful design and excellent scalability. The biggest downside is the complex interface.


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