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Shopify B2B Support: Everything You Need to Know About It

Shopify has officially launched B2B channel support and flash sales management! Read more about Shopify B2B support here!

Ecommerce solution Shopify is a world-known solution for small, midsize, and enterprise businesses. It is a fully hosted ecommerce platforms which means that Shopify team takes care of the web hosting, maintaining, and securing your online store. Technical skills or knowledge are not required for you to build and run your own online store. It seems that Shopify is the ideal ecommerce solution, especially if you are a beginner and you are just starting out with selling online.

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Ecommerce solution Shopify has rolled out new options for merchants to improve their sales potential including a wholesale channel for allowing business-to-business or B2B sales growth. Shopify also introduced Launchpad which is an automated tool for managing new campaigns, flash sales, and events.

The Shopify wholesale channel helps sellers to create a password-protected and separate storefront that offers potential buyers specific discounts and prices, as well as, product pricing tiers, dedicated product assortment, catalogs, and much more. 


The Shopify Plus merchants can access this tool directly from their Shopify Admin page and automate complex commerce events such as publishing selection items to an online store to launch at previously specified date and time, changing product pricing, increasing inventory levels, locking your online store for a predetermined time before the start of an event or sale to create anticipation, scheduling creative changes and template customization to better showcase the product involved in the sale.

If sellers want to be successful at running an online store and selling to customers from all over the world, they must go beyond establishing a web presence and building an ecommerce store as some kind of one-size-fits-all-customers venture. They also need a mobile-optimized website, a mobile application, support multiple sales channels, be able to move at the speed of mobile commerce and e-commerce, supporting flash sales, dynamic sales, events, and marketing campaigns. This is where Shopify B2B function comes to the rescue. When using Shopify, you will have no troubles satisfying and pleasing all of the customers during a chaotic sale event. Actually you will even be able to sell through a customizable B2B storefront, gated wholesale channel, or direct-to-consumer website, which is a key factor for any successful b2b ecommerce business in Australia, but if you want to have more information on how does it work, go to Shopify.com.au/plus/solutions/b2b-ecommerce.

The B2B sales are going through a major transition. A lot of old-fashioned b2B sales operations don’t seem to be ready to accept the transition to an era in which the business customers might find parts, products, and supplies more easily and quickly online than they would at a physical wholesale storefront.

We can all agree that B2B marketing is expanding and it is essential for existing players to make the move and support mobile commerce or ecommerce in general. This is an amazing opportunity for new players to sell directly to other customers – business companies.

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It is recommendable for all B2B businesses to have an ecommerce approach and a storefront that seems appropriate for the B2B customers. Shopify B2B and wholesale channel can help you build that storefront and start selling to serious customers.

In announcing the new tool – Launchpad, ecommerce solution Shopify is helping sellers to accept another growth trend and take advantage of the newest market opportunities such as flash sales. The flash sales, if managed properly, can be super effective via mobile. Shopify understands many pieces and flash sales are just one of those pieces. According to the Shopify team – the more automated they can make it for B2B merchants, the better for the business!

The Shopify platform is everything your B2B ecommerce customers want. With using this platform, you can create an impeccable user experience across various devices and screen sizes. It is the perfect wholesale solution for high-volume retailers and resellers.


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